Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quick Thought

With the postmodern generation/mindset among us, it feels like there has been an influx of criticism towards different evangelistic methodologies (i.e. Evangelism Explosion, 4 Spiritual Laws, Bridge Diagram, Evangelistic Crusades, etc.). It seems that almost everyone I talk to has a very strong opinion about which methods don't work and why they should be abandoned. I find this most ironic as the very generation/mindset that wants to paint everyone as an individual and not generic, in the same breath feels that different evangelistic methods, although not their particular "cup of tea" must not be able to work for anyone else.

I came across this story in an article I read recently and thought that it captured my feelings perfectly (especially when I realize that the conversation must have happened over 100 years ago):

The story goes that on one occasion D.L. Moody [1839-1899] was criticized for his mass evangelism methods, and he replied to his critic, "I don't like them either. What methods do you use?" When the critic indicated that he didn't use any evangelistic tools or activities, Moody said, "Well, I like the way I do it better than the way you don't." We should keep that in mind, especially when we encounter evangelism practices that make us cringe

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