Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oprah Winfrey and the One World Church

I came across this video today that does a great job of explaining exactly what Oprah Winfrey believes about God via her own words and the words of her spiritual leader.

Considering how many millions of followers she has, it is worth taking five minutes to develop a good understanding of her spiritual beliefs so you will know the truth next time her name comes up at the water cooler.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing! Everything Oprah said on this video was anti-Christ. Wow. I stopped watching her show years ago, when she started pushing yoga.

Benjamin Ward said...

I can't even believe this! I know you posted this nearly 2 years ago, but I guess being in college has thrown me out of the loop! Where does Opera get her "feeling" that God being jealous about her is not right? That shows how MUCH He loves her... anyway. I hope everyone realizes after viewing this just how important doctrine is. When you walk away from doctrine, this is what happens! Thanks for the post!