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Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin

A few weeks ago I finished a fascinating book by Malachi Martin titled “Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans.” Now I don’t know how many thousands of books I’ve read over my lifetime, quite a few I’m sure, but I can’t seem to recall one as heavy and dark as this one was.

Martin, a (now deceased) former Catholic Priest, writes of five firsthand accounts of demon possession and subsequent exorcism. Martin thoroughly researched each case, interviewing those involved and studying the recordings and transcripts of the exorcism, to present an accurate portrayal of what demonic possession is like. As you can imagine, all of the possessed were involved in sinful lifestyles and Martin doesn’t pull any punches in his recap (Read that: Mature Audiences Only).

Having studied demonology in seminary as well as encountering demonic possession first hand on the mission field (CLICK HERE for that post) I must admit I was quite intrigued at what Martin had to say. Especially because this book is considered a classic in its field, and students of demonology (which I caution anyone against becoming) are bound to read it sooner or later.

Martin’s experiences fit superbly within his Catholic worldview. Items such as sprinkling the possessed with holy water and holding up a crucifix are presented as powerful weapons against demons. Martin teaches us which prayers are to be used to “provoke” the demon and then explains how exorcisms rarely last less than one and often times up to five days.

However when I think back to my experiences, or the experiences of others I know, or even compare it with the biblical accounts of exorcism, I feel like I’m missing something. In the Bible we see Jesus conducting multiple exorcisms. (See Luke 8:26-39, Luke 9:37-43, Matthew 15:21-28, etc.). Time and again he instructs the demons to depart and they do. Never do we see him using “holy objects” or taking several days, or using only special prayers. While not always instantaneous, my experiences and the experiences of those I respect, are that exorcisms usually last less than a few hours and sometimes just a few minutes. None of us used any holy objects or recited magical prayers. We simply gave the situation to the Lord and followed his examples.

So what’s my point? Well I guess what intrigued me most about this book is how do I reconcile my experiences with the demonic being one way with Martin’s experiences being different, while at the same time both experiences actually happened?

Does the enemy play into our worldview? Meaning if we expect them to respond a certain way, will they try to twist it to their advantage, even during exorcism?

Or does God allow the demons to linger on longer as a way to get the Priest’s attention and to show that only He can expel the demons and not the Priest?

I’m not sure how it works.

There are some really good aspects to this book. Martin’s emphasis on making sure you are right with God before even thinking about conducting an exorcism is great. (Even if you aren’t planning an exorcism this is important.) I also really appreciated how Martin traced back over the possessed person’s life and showed how personal choices, deemed insignificant by the person, would eventually snowball into demonic possession and by the time the possessed realized what was going on, it was too late. But there is a price to be paid by reading this book. It definitely wouldn’t win the feel good book of the year award.

Bottom Line:

If you are a student of demonology, have a solid understanding of correct theology and are not easily offended by graphic depictions and language, I recommend reading this book which you can purchase by CLICKING HERE.

However, if even one of those areas does not describe you, than this is definitely not the book for you.


Anonymous said...

This is a very important book. I have read it several times during the past 20 years.

Your point about the effort priests exert in the book compared to the effort Jesus exerted are thought provoking.

Perhaps your comparing Jesus to a priest was meant to be absurd; of course Jesus would perform an exorcism with greater ease than a contemporary priest. Jesus is God, while a priest is a man!

The Bible contains nothing but the truth, but more truths have been learned since the Bible was written. For example, I cannot repair my car from instructions in the Bible.

And perhaps in our contemporary world, with mass murder, serial pedophiles, and sex change operations, exorcisms require more effort than in the days depicted in Acts.

Deb M said...

I have also read this book and found it absolutely awesome. But here's a question for you...why is it that the Catholic religion is the only ones that do exorcisms?

Ryan said...

Hi Skyangel,

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by the Catholic Religion being the only ones that do exorcisms.

Martin himself claims how only a special "exorcism priest" in the Catholic religion can conduct an exorcism and how the number of priests has dwindled down to only a handful.

Comparatively any true disciple of Jesus has been given the authority to cast out demons. I have personally had experience in this: (

Also, in many parts of the world, exorcisms are commonplace. I personally know of churches in Muslim countries that exorcise every Muslim that turns to follow Jesus.

I think I understand what you're asking in your question, but I think maybe a better question is "Why are so few Christians casting out demons today?"

~BarbdWireNRoses~ said...

Excellent commentary and hopefully it will provoke believers to ask themselves, "Am I following a religion, or God Himself." I was raised Catholic,(am no longer) and know of all the faith put in relics and objects. I agree with you that these entities most likely do play on our faith put in them, to keep us off track, and of course, to remain in the individual. I was led also to ask meslef and Yah a couple of years ago, why we would be doing these things, when Yahshua is our example, and He did not. He cast them out, period. And we're to follow in His footsteps. I do think the book would be an interesting read however. It's too bad that many think demons don't exist, which gives them room to come right on into our lives.

be blessed,

Unknown said...

I'm halfway through the book right now and was particularly struck by the case in which the exorcist made the mistake of wording things incorrectly. Instead of addressing the demon in the name of Jesus and acting as a stand-in for Jesus, he said that he and Jesus together commanded... etc. And he paid dearly for that mistake when the demon attacked him.

Scary book but it also interesting instruction in how our own intention in a given situation can effect the outcome. Abelard was right, what we hold in our heart is as important as what we do in the world.

As far as the "tools of the trade", so to speak, are concerned, in my observation they are tangible symbols that help us to clarify and focus our intentions. The tools themselves are just tools, it is the energy that we associate and direct through them that has an impact. "Intention" is a very critical concept in Catholicism.

Amy Michelle said...

I am reading this book currently and on the last story (the rooster and the turtouise). I find this book quite 'real' and chilling. I love- how someone else stated, Malachi shows the little things the possessed had done before that led up to the possession. The familiar spirit one though was a bit different as it wasn't really a possession, or was it? And the one that alarmed me the most was the case about the priest who was possessed for YEARS and even worked in the church still for the first part of it. This book can be a bit graphic and disturbing at times. (Nothing I would let a youngster read) but it is very accurate. I have always wondered too what makes Catholic exorcisms take so long, when in many other Christian religions when they offer deliverances the demon is gone within hours.

Anonymous said...

What I really would like to know is who the priests were depicted in Hostage to the Devil, their names and where there parrish was and by what name. If you want to know if the stories in the book actually happened as described a search for the basics seems to me to be essential. It could be nothing more than a novel after all.

Anonymous said...

As for the question of difficulty and length of exorcisms in this book, I think one answer to everyone's question can be found on p.24:

"I have chosen these five cases from among a greater number known and available to me because, both singly and taken together, they are dramatic illustrations of the way in which personal and intelligent evil moves cunningly along the lines of contemporary fads and interests...each case presented here includes as an important element some basic attitude or attitudes popular in our own society..."

This explains the slightly polemic sub-text of the book, as various heretical modernist ideas or harmful American social trends are attacked or deplored, but more generally it implies that Martin has cherry-picked these cases out of a "greater number known and available to me" for reasons of detail and drama and human interest as well.

As to the many other cases known and available to him, were they of such difficulty and length? We don't know. If they lasted only minutes or hours (as Martin said that exorcisms could, on one Art Bell/Coast to Coast AM radio interview) would they have been worthwhile to read about or to include in the text?

--Yours, Michael P.

Anonymous said...

I listened to an interview with Martin today, and in that interview he said, "Today, it takes longer . . . up to 3 weeks or so." So I don't think these were anomalous examples used in the book (I have read it, by the way).
I have come to the conclusion that the demons are often "playing" the exorcist even when the exorcist is commanding that the demon speak the truth. Satan knows that nothing is more effective than a half-truth because the truth part blinds one to the lie part. To believe 100% what a demon says in an exorcism is, to my mind, foolish. Are they not by definition liars? Therefore, I am not sure how much value transcripts from demons have. Don't we think that Satan will use every opportunity to deceive, even in an exorcism, especially one that ends up as a book? He'll cut his losses anyway he can.

Anonymous said...

I recently finished this book and then also read Gabriel Amorth's book and the Demonologist. I also read Scott Peck's book about two cases of exorcism. I don't remember the name.

However, I don't see a contradiction and think both can be true. Both Amorth and the Warrens (from the Demonologist) state that they know non-Catholic exorcists, too. I thought Malachi Martin said the same thing, but now I don't remember.

I think the person's faith in God would be the defining factor. I'm not arguing this scripturally, however. Both scenarios can be true, though, only if the exorcist's faith is strong. Jesus, too, says we're all given the power to cast out demons. If Malachi Martin uses holy water and other objects to assist, this doesn't necessarily mean that others must, too.

I just really don't see the contradiction you see.

Anonymous said...


I stumbled upon your blog while pursuing more information about Malachi Martin. I haven't read "Hostage to the Devil" yet, but I'm thinking about ordering it. Problem is, there are a number of people out there who are saying that Martin is a con-man...or worse. I'm wondering if you know anything about the controversy surrounding Martin and Robert Blair Kaiser. Kaiser's claims, if true, seriously undermine Martin's credibility. At the same time, I'm completely aware of how the enemy schemes to silence the voices of those he perceives as genuine threats.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Phenomenal book, and I thank God that Martin was led to research and write it.

I too was struck by the length of the exorcisms portrayed in his book, especially when compared to the exorcisms in the new testament and those that I've heard about through missionaries. I have two possible answers as to what might affect the length of time necessary for a successful exorcism.

The first is the spiritual strength of the demon. Amongst the many demons cast out by Jesus disciples, he explains one that his disciples couldn't cast out by saying "This kind can only be cast out by prayer." IE: Only God is strong enough to handle one this strong.

The second is the spiritual strength of the exorcist. Priests are human just like us and can fall away spiritually in the mundanity of their day-to-day work just as any of us can. As such, there are times where their spirituality is rather shallow. If they simply go through the motions of speaking the prayers without any heartfelt emotion or spirituality behind it, I don't feel it's as powerful as if someone who was in good stead with the Holy Spirit was earnestly praying. Our spiritual strength ebbs as we align ourselves with or fall away from Jesus and it's Jesus' power ultimately that determines the victor in a match with evil.

Unknown said...

i have been listening to interviews with father malachi martin. i have a question if anyone could be able to answer it or refer me to someone that can, father martin says that the devil and his followers is standing on the middle plateau. what does this mean?

Andre said...

Here is your answer, Krazyrose:

Father Martin has spoken on radio about the "middle plateau" which is the space in which demons can move in spirit form and enter the unwary individual who experiments with astral projection, remote viewing and other such pursuits.

Taken from the Indiana Paranormal website.

Anonymous said...

Even if Kaiser's claims are true (which I don't believe them to be), it doesn't take away from the content of the book (hostage).

I understand your concern about undermining Martin's credibility, but an affair is very different from lying about the veracity of the claims in such a long, detailed book such as hostage.

Also, I am (East) Orthodox and there are indeed exorcisms performed by clergy of the Eastern Church. And though I don't have absolute certainty, I would bet everything that the Coptics perform as well.

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on one "Anonymous" who said, "This kind can only be cast out by prayer. IE: Only God is strong enough to handle one this strong."
Well actually that very sentence is not complete in the NIV Version! You see, satan has even removed key words from the Holy Bible through tranlation Bibles like NIV, NLT, NKJV etc to distort the true and complete contents of certain important sentences in the Bible; one example is such as this! This passage can be found in the book of Mark 9:29 (King James Version)

29And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and *fasting*.

When you compare this sentence in the NIV Version...
Mark 9:29 (New International Version)
29 He replied, “This kind can come out only by prayer."

Here the Word "FASTING" has been totally removed as that is the actual KEY Jesus was telling His apostles; besides prayer, one has to FAST as well for being an effective instrument of God! Of course everything is done only in Jesus Name and by the Power of the Spirit of Jesus alone! It is very important to also own a KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE, or better still a parrarel Bible that also has King James Version in it; for easy reference, comparisons etc!
God Bless All!

Anonymous said...

"Jesus did not use holy objects [in his exorcisms]"

Holy objects serve as a visible and effective material link to Jesus, blessed for their purposes by the Church through the authority Jesus had from His Father and gave to his Apostles, and they to their duly ordained successors. Jesus did not need holy objects because Jesus did not need a link to Himself. But an exorcist better have a visible material link to Him. Maybe the lack of such a link accounts for the short duration of the effectiveness of some exorcisms.

In any case Jesus did warn that the evil spirit would at some point seek to return to its former host. To resist the attacks of the evil one, St. Paul wrote to “Put on the armor of God”. We are told that “love never fails”; it overcomes all obstacles. “Where charity and love prevail, there God is ever found.” The reason the devil can’t stand the sight of the cross is that it shows the love of God for us through what Jesus did for us on the cross. Because for the devil, self-love is the inmost reality; the devil totally rejects the love that is of God.

St. Paul wrote that if we do not have love, we are but a clanging cymbal,; our ‘virtuous’ acts are of no profit to us. But if Jesus’ Spirit of love dwells within us, we are living signs of the cross, and the devil will hate our presence as he hates the presence of the cross. Perhaps God allows the demon to return to its former host because that person has not advanced to life in Christ, but rather regards his new relieved state (immediately after the exorcism) as an opportunity to resume a selfish enjoyment of his life. The only true and lasting way to overcome the devil is through living the life of Jesus’ love: “Love is patient, love is kind... is not puffed up... is not self-seeking... rejoices with the truth...”

Anonymous said...

I think the effectiveness of the exorcism is directly related to the OBJECT of our faith. That is to say if the object of our faith is God's ability to do what He promised to do in His word, then the object of our faith is right. But if the object of our faith is in our ability to believe, or a holy relic, or anything other than God's ability to work through us in His Power through His Holy Spirit, than the object of our faith is flawed. It object of our faith HAS TO BE GOD and HIS ABILITY TO DO WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO, to HIS GLORY, amen. And when you read the steps of the Catholic exorcism, eventually they do get to that point, but because it is ritualized in a framework, it take that amount of time.
Rev William Jordan

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Great blog. I just ordered the book, actually, and then stumbled upon your blog. Glad to see a fellow Christian blogger. :) I have only seen/experienced one exorcism at church (I go to a Vineyard Church) and it lasted a bit less than an hour. And yeah, we had the screaming, growling, unfamiliar voice, gnashing of teeth, writhing on the ground deal going on, and it was scary as all (yeah, I said it...) Hell. One of the most horrifying and yet faith-building experiences of my life. As an ex-Catholic and ardent Protestant (who nevertheless believes that there are true believers among Catholics who have found Christ through the religious and heretical trappings), I am very interested in Martin's work. I've heard him in interviews, and from what I've heard, I actually like the guy! He seemed sincere, humble, open to talking to Protestants, and (if a bit theologically misled) a genuine lover of God. My opinion on Catholic vs. Protestant exorcisms presents a plausible and very easy explanation: God works through the faith each person has to exercise his or her gift. So, if a priest believes that a demon will submit only through the rituals and superstitions (which, in my opinion, only serve to agitate and infuriate the evil spirit and are unnecessary) then that's what will happen. And sometimes it may take days or months, because the faith of those involved is THAT low. Whereas, if a priest (or more likely a Protestant who has more faith in their ability to directly access the grace and power of God) believes he can command spirits in Christ's name, then it will happen more quickly. I believe this happens because God wants us to see the correlation between our faith and the response He has to it. In the end, as long as the work is being done in the name of Christ, we can only hope that God will work to help the victim despite the Catholic misunderstandings and will lead into all truth those who are His. Thanks again for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Father Malachi Martin also stated that evangelical protestants tend to mis identify demons alot. He states that every excorcism takes an emotional, physical and spiritual toll on the excorcist.

I do not believe that there is such thing as an "easy exorcism" for humans. The easy exorcisms described in the bible have Jesus as the exorcist, which is vaslty different than an ordianry man. Scott Peck, a protestant also seemed to refute the "easy excorcism" concept.

Therefore, I have a suspiscion that easy exorcisms descibed by evangelicals simply were not cases of true demonic possession.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading this book alongside 'The Devil Wears Nada: Satan Exposed!' Anyone here read that book? Thoughts on it?

Unknown said...

Great articles and discussion.

I am concerned by the Anonymous commenter from April 2007, who places transgendered people in the same category as mass murderers and pedophiles. Yikes! That makes no sense to me. The most kind-hearted and spiritual people I know are those who've gone through the transition process. Evil comes in small acts, including bigotry such as above, and we become fodder for the powers of darkness. I can only pray that such person(s) find sacredness in their heart. As for those who commit heinous acts, they can use our prayers the most. And I believe praying for Satan and fallen angels does the most good, that the spark of Christ & God Light be fanned into a brighter flame <3

Anonymous said...

Very amazing book on the subject of exorcism. I am intrigued by the many comments about the duration of some of the exorcisms from one day to many and from what I've read and understood, many demons are harder to expel especially if they are of a high order. Like the Angels have an order of class, Seraphim to Angel, so do demons. And also, the ritual conducted by Roman Catholic priests is a formula to help cast out an evil spirit and during some of the prayers in the ritual, the priest himself even acknowledges that he is merely human and unworthy to cast the evil spirit out without the Lord. Anyways, the book is very intriguing and suspenseful and once I began a chapter on any of the particular cases, I couldn't put it down. In case anyone has anymore questions about exorcisms after reading this book, I recommend reading some passages from the Roman Ritual that goes into details on prayers, bible readings and the prayers of expulsion. As some have warned, don't get to involved in demonology cause it can be hazardous.

Anonymous said...

I have the impression that this book is actually fiction. There are several things in it that do not seem to correspond with what I've seen in possessed people, although some other things do. Exorcizing someone does not depend, for instance, on the approval of a bishop (double facepalm), but on the faith of the exorcist, and the most important person during the exorcism is not the exorcist (as the book says), but Jesus. Is God and Jesus who do the work. The exorcism doesn't have to last for more than a few minutes, provided that you have a great faith.

Sean Glazier said...


The book is very good and accurate. Having dealt with demonic oppression in people close to me I can say that yes it can take time to get rid of these problems. 14 years and counting still. There have been several excorcists. It can depend on the type of attack and what is attacking and why. Since this person has had rather straightforward deliverances, I am happy for him but I caution that is not always the case. With the Exorcists I have known they have had a variety many of which are quickly dealt with. But then there are the exceptions and certainly there are knock down drag out fights to the bitter end that make Hollywood movies on the subject look rather tame by comparison. IT is hard for a person to imagine how terrifying such a confrontation can be. Evil is NOT to be underestimated and you do so at the risk of your own soul. The book is NOT fiction and he stories were attested to by multiple witnesses. If you have doubts I encourage you to volunteer for an exorcist and see for yourself. Do make sure your affairs are in order first if you are an atheist or science type that wants to find out because they are curious or studying the paranormal. Because of what we went through we spent a long time taking a loved one to doctors etc. after 10 years of that and going to then (by the recommendation of doctors) to people like psychics and a psychologists who turned out to be a shaman, we found out what we were dealing with really. It has been a difficult path. I recommend to folks who are hearing things etc. Go to a priest first who knows what they are doing and believes in exorcism. They will recommend good doctors and eliminate medical causes with out getting you down the road of getting sucked in by people practicing the occult. They can make things much worse.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said--I must go---to His disciples --so the Comfortor can come----you will be able to do all that i have done and even more---but ''FIRST'' you all must wait for the HOLY SPIRIT'' to come upon you and indwell in you first...before any of us here on this earth --do any casting outof demons--the Holy Spirit'' must dwell in us--that way the devil cannot tear us apart..

Anonymous said...

middle plateau----it is the demons themselves who are hiding and beckoning you towards learning and using ''their energy '' to perform these feat--- i have done remote --on my own but stopped when another force tried to overtake the journey--only with the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit will i learn---FIRST again the Holy Spirit must be inside you as well as Jesus.....Jeus did remote viewing--and had supernatural knowledge and power --so did many of Gods' servants---Solomon knew how to make the devils and demons work for him--building the temple...we must study esoteric and the mystic w/Holy Spirit...

Linda said...

I realize you wrote this post ages ago, and maybe don't even care anymore...

but this is what I know, from my experience.

1. Catholics are the WORST offenders for incorrect doctrine, unbiblical methodologies, and flat-out lies.

therefore: Satan can't cast out Satan. Any 'pretense' of an 'exorcism' is a ruse -- a 'yield,' (as in a military tactic wherein one force drops back in apparent defeat)

If external appearances match what people expect, there can be no no significant spiritual change has taken place - but no one is the wiser, because the eternal expectations were met.

2. Building off that logic... unless the people, from whom you 'cast out demons' actually had a significant and PERMANENT change of character and level of submission to God-- there is a STRONG possibility that you were also duped by nothing more than an Enemy yield.

“When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order.

Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first.”

The Enemy operates in a hierarchal system; where one 'level' is stronger, and only requires one demonic presence to influence a person -- a COMPARABLE level of demonic influence can be obtained by more, less obvious demonic influences.

A person doesn't have to be a drooling, vile ax-murderer to be demonically OPPRESSED, and strongly influenced by Satan.

By definition, ANY thought or feeling that has been influenced by Satan is a FORM of demonic oppression.

If you haven't read "War on the Saints," (unabridged, the abridged version is a total joke), find it and read it.

Unknown said...

With the conversation well underway, here are my two cents as perhaps the only Christian who's Catholic.

First, excellent manuscripts of Matthew have Christ saying that "this kind" of demon only goes out of a man by prayer and fasting. Whether he said that or only 'prayer,' his meaning is clear: some demons are more powerful and require, due to human weakness, more effort. This does not imply impotence in the omnipotent Spirit, but in weak and sinful men.

Why were Christ's exorcisms instantaneous? Because he is the almighty Son of God, one in nature with his Father. As man he is the anointed one, because the Father poured out his Spirit on him without measure. His absolute moral perfection left no room for sin to weaken his human power. Christ is also the Judge who will pass sentence on every unclean spirit. What did the demon in Mark's gospel say encountering the Lord? Paraphrased, he said, "Why are you here before the appointed hour? Have you come to torment us?"

Before the appointed hour. Utter terror hides behind their mocking faces of Parousia. The good news of the coming King is news of their damnation. Why do satanists only mock the crucifixion of Christ and not his glorious resurrection? Because in the unapproachable light of divinity shining through transformed human nature in the majesty of the resurrection, all the mockery and wit and lies melt away, the smiles fades to terror, and they shriek for mercy. It is only human weakness that hides this glory from them now. Any exorcism that appears instantaneous is either dealing with few and weak spirits or just the first of many necessary sessions.

Next, you say:

"In the Bible we see Jesus conducting multiple exorcisms. Time and again he instructs the demons to depart and they do. Never do we see him using 'holy objects' or taking several days, or using only special prayers. While not always instantaneous, my experiences and the experiences of those I respect, are that exorcisms usually last less than a few hours and sometimes just a few minutes. None of us used any holy objects or recited magical prayers."

I want to tackle your anti-sacral objects idea. Your idea that Christ never uses holy objects is wrong. He himself *IS* a holy material object. The glory of the Son of God is not that he doesn't use physical means to convey spiritual power; it's that he IS THE PHYSICAL MEANS. His sacred body and blood (Luke 22:20); the hem of his clothes (Luke 8:45); the breath of his lungs (John 20:22); the saliva from his mouth (John 9:6); the touch of his hand (Matt. 8:15), and on and on.

In this Christ is the fulfillment, not the abolition, of the entire Levitical covenant of physical, sacred objects, vestments, temples, tents, and so on through which God met with his people in types and shadows before manifesting finally in Christ. After Christ, his apostles' handkerchiefs, hands, shadows, and words performed miracles. Fifty, a hundred, a hundred and fifty years later Christians continued to use physical objects, sacraments, to convey the power of God (read Irenaeus of Lyons and Hippolytus of Rome). Catholics in continuing this ancient practice are only using sacred symbols of the reality of Christ's physical body which he offered up for the life of the world.

Bob said...

My comments are to Linda, from August 18, 2014:

It seems you have no understanding, or a mistaken understanding of Catholicism when you say: "Catholics are the WORST offenders for incorrect doctrine, unbiblical methodologies, and flat-out lies."

I'm guessing you have no clue where the bible comes from? That the canon of scripture was formed by four Catholic councils? That all the New Testament is is Catholic Tradition written down?

I read where a Protestant once said "I read the same bible Jesus did, the King James Version." There is much error in Protestantism, especially when it comes to where the bible comes from and who has proper authority over the interpretation of scripture. Christ did not give us a book, He gave us a Church, the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church then gave us the bible, and therefore has proper authority over Christ's teachings (Matt 16: 13-18)

Seek the Truth in Christianity. As Archbishop Sheen once said : "There are really only a hundred people in America who hate the Catholic Church. But there are thousands who MISTAKENLY believe what they think the Catholic Church is"

Unknown said...

That's the area between heaven and hell which is the earth