Monday, January 15, 2007

Assos, Troas and Troy

Emily and I both came down with some stomach bug (she's still batteling her other illness on top of this) but even though we weren't feeling well we spent the day visiting some very interesting places. We started the day with a sunrise at Assos. This is the city that Paul sailed to and from on his third journey.

This is the road Paul would have used to enter the city.

The small harbor in Assos hasn’t changed very much since Paul’s time. It’s still in use today.

We then went over to Troas, a city Paul visited no less than 5 times. I was really looking forward to visiting Troas for two major reasons: First, it’s where Paul had his vision of the Macedonian man on his second journey and it’s also where God (via Paul) raised Eutychus (who’s name means “good fortune”) from the dead after he fell asleep during one of Paul’s sermons and fell from a window.

This unknown temple in Troas dates back to the 1st century BC. Paul would have walked by it quite a few times.

We then headed over to Troy of the Iliad fame. This excavation is divided into 9 strata’s or layers so it’s hard to know what you are looking at.

These are the walls that would have been in use during the time of the Iliad.

These bricks from a mud house date back to 2500BC.

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