Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Side and Aspendos

We stopped by three sites today. The first two were Side (pronounced "See - Day") and Aspendos. Although not directly mentioned in the Bible, these two sites have much to offer in the way of ancient ruins of Paul's day.

Side, an ancient major seaport, is a place Paul likely visited at some time. If he didn't stay here, he most likely saw it from a distance during his sail to Rome.

The beautiful ancient seaport of Side on the Mediterranean.

After spending time in Side we traveled a few dozen miles to Aspendos. Aspendos has the best preserved theatre in all of Asia Minor. Built under Marcus Aurelius between 161 - 180 AD, this theatre is so well preserved that it is still in use today. Emily, myself and some of my classmates performed a song here to test the acoustics. They were amazing.

Here's the view from the top of the theatre.

Here is the view from the stage. I'm the red dot in the center.

The remains of the Roman aqueduct are amazing.

Here's Emily being conned, er... acting like a local.

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