Thursday, January 04, 2007

Attalia (Modern Antakya)

Today was mostly a travel day. It was the first morning we could sleep in (until 7:30am) and boy did we love that!!! Attalia was the port city from which Paul and Barnabas finished their first journey and sailed back to Antioch on the Orontes from. We spent the morning at a museum in Antakya that had many artificats from excavated Perga. Some of my favorites are below:

P.S. Perhaps the best news of all, I think (not positive) that I fixed the bug and you should now be able to click on photos (going forward) to enlarge them.

This pottery dates to Paul's time

More pottery from Paul's time.

Iconography dating to the 5th century AD

The real St. Nicholas lived in Myra, not to far from Attalia. Here are some of his, uh, "relics" (notice the jaw bone).

Our drive to Pamukkale took us through many mountains. During the drive it began to snow and at one of our rest stops we had a great snowball fight. I often forget that Paul would have had to travel through harsh conditions like this to spread the gospel.

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