Monday, January 15, 2007

Thessalonica and Berea

Okay, I think this post should just about bring us up to date. Yesterday Emily and I visited Thessalonica and Berea (which I'll write about in just a minute) and today we took a long bus ride down through the countryside and visited a monestary high atop some cliffs. We then continued through the country and are spending the night in Delphi. I should have some pictures of Delphi in my next post.

Emily's throat is much better but she still has a bit of a cough. Both of our stomachs are feeling better but are still not 100%.

We've been so many places it seems a bit confusing so here's a map with a rough estimate of the route we've taken so far:

We began the day in Thessalonica. I was disappointed as there are hardly any ruins at all. Most of this modern city has been built on top of the ruins so there's no way to excavate them.

Modern Thessalonica. I doubt Paul stopped at this Starbucks on his journey. Note the ruins to the left.

These agora remains are about the only ruins in the entire city.

After Thessalonica we visited Vergina (where Phillip II was assassinated and Alexander the Great crowned King) and saw the royal tombs. We then headed to nearby Berea. I was really looking forward to visiting Berea but when I got there I discovered there are no ruins left. The entire city has been built up. However there was this monument built in the old part of town.

This is the site of an ancient Synagogue although there is no way to know for sure if this is where Paul met with the Bereans.

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