Monday, January 15, 2007

Philippi and Neapolis

Following Paul's route (though we went by land instead of by sea) once he received his vision of the Macedonian man, we left Assos very early in the morning and took a ferry across the Dardanelles. After a long bus ride we crossed the border into Greece and headed towards Kavala. Kavala is the modern day name for the city of Neapolis, the seaport Paul landed in as he entered into Greece for the first time on his second journey.

Now a storage area for old boats, this is what's left of the ancient harbor Paul sailed into.

Sunrise over the Egnatian Way. This is the road Paul took from the harbor of Neapolis towards Philippi.

Philippi is only about 5 miles from Neapolis, easily a one day's journey.

This is the traditional location of Lydia's baptism.

It's a bit difficult to see from here but in the foreground is the bema (judgement) seat that Paul and Silas stood at as the city government decided to send them to jail. The marketplace they were dragged to for exorcising a demon is in the background.

This is the traditional site of Paul and Silas' jail.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Nice pictures! I am studying Philippians and was looking for some information. I came over your site and I like the pictures taken on sites. I am surely going to revisit your site since I found a lot of good staff here!

God bless you! Anka

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Thank you for posting those pics. I enjoyed seeing the modern day Philippi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan, thanks for posting those pictures. I would like to find out about the jail site. Is that the possible site where Paul and Silas spent their days there OR the picture is just a depiction of how ancient jails look like. Thanks a for your help!

Ryan said...

That is the actual site, although not 100% of archaeologists agree that the site was a jail. While it is the traditionally accepted site, there are some who believe it could have been an old water cistern and not a jail.

scott lewis said...

All i can say is wow!