Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pisidian Antioch

After several hours of driving (I can't believe Paul walked all this way), we finally arrived. We drove through the city to the ruins of ancient Pisidian Antioch.

Welcome to Pisidian Antioch

This is the main road in ancient Pisidian Antioch

I'm walking in Paul's footsteps

These are the remains of shops at the main entrance to the city. Kind of like the ancient version of a mall.

These are the ruins of Temple to Ceasar Augustus.

This is all that remains of a Basilica from the 4th century AD. It was known as the seat of Optimus, the Archbishop of the province of Pisidia who represented Antioch at the council of Constantinople in 381 AD. Many people believe that the synagogue Paul spoke at in Acts 13 is buried beneath the Basilica.

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Cal Redmond said...

Thanks for these pictures! I appreciate them.